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Hip Hop Artist, TayF3rd - (Tay-ehf-Third) - Half Sudanese and Korean American, Underground Hip Hop artist born in the same Southern California section infamous for producing gangsta rap icons such as Warren G, Snoop Dogg, and DPG, Long Beach, California. Tay came to fame as a jerkin music legend known for the hit, “ I Smoke, I Drink, I Jerk”. He is now being the one groomed to take the Long Beach throne with respect amongst the legends and OGs. Often imitated, but never duplicated, his lyrics have set him apart. Tay is the one that audiences will look out for in the future of Westcoast hip hop.

With a new year, new management, and first released an album with the iconic team of Bobby Dee & Snoop Dogg, he is the newest artist signed to Uncle Snoop’s Army. He has a following of over 40K followers on Twitter with a fan base following him with 6 albums & EPs in his catalog to date. 

His new album, “Tales From The Shrimp” is a story about a young man coming into his own as an underdog, “The Shrimp” of the Eastside of Long Beach. Tay was born and raised in the City’s Cambodia Town section and often misunderstood. He has crafted his own Long Beach rap story with the collaboration of his longtime producer, Kayoe. Together, they have raised the bar of hip hop creativity that has become his distinctive sound. ‘Tails’ is more melodic with the same grit and bite the world has seen from the ‘City By the Sea’ and gives redemption to those who have found success coming from the bottom and rose to the top. ‘Tails’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

 "A Cinderella Story" OUT NOW!

Mr. Drama
Low inside
Crip Street
The Sandbox
Welcome Home
Sandbox 2
Sandbox 3
Tales From The Shrimp